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Multi-pass narrow-gap (MPNG) laser welding process for the low-distortion and hot-crack-free joining of thick plates made of aluminium alloys

: Dittrich, Dirk; Schedewy, Renald; Brenner, Berndt; Beyer, Eckhard

Welding and cutting 14 (2015), Nr.3, S.174-177
ISSN: 1612-3433
Fraunhofer IWS ()

With the multi-pass narrow-gap laser welding process, aluminium plates can be welded with a very low laser beam power (less than 3 kW) down to a depth of 50 mm with low distortion. It could be shown that lack of fusion can be prevented and the number of pores in the weld metal reduced to a minimum. For the first time, this makes it possible to generate very deep aluminium welds in conformity with the applicable quality standards with a moderate laser beam power.