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Smart Maintenance

: Lucke, Dominik

Bauernhansl, Thomas (Hrsg.); Verl, Alexander (Hrsg.) ; Stuttgarter Produktionsakademie:
Industry 4.0 - Compact : Recognizing the Potential of Industry 4.0. Seminar, 7.-10. Juli 2015, Stuttgart
Stuttgart, 2015 (Seminar SPA Sonderseminar)
14 Folien
Seminar "Industry 4.0 - Compact" <2015, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Industrie 4.0; Instandhaltung

Maintenance is confronted today but also in future to the challenges to ensure the availability, quality and safety of production machines and equipment, while spending as little as possible costs. At the same time production changes currently massively increasing the use of IT systems. What does this development mean for the maintenance? What are the opportunities of these new technologies and approaches in the context of industry 4.0? This presentation provides an overview of new methods, approaches and technologies.