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Societal security - modes of interaction of different stakeholders

: Grigoleit, Sonja; Schietke, Ruth; Burbiel, Joachim

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International Journal of Novel Research in Interdisciplinary Studies 2 (2015), Nr.4, S.8-18
ISSN: 2394-9716 (ISSN)
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Fraunhofer INT ()
interdisciplinary collaboration; knowledge sharing; knowledge transfer; modes of interaction; security research; societal security

This article describes the modes of interaction of the different domains concerned with societal security (social and human science researcher, technology developer, security technology end-user, security policy-maker and civil society organizations) and identifies obstacles and barriers which could hinder a successful interaction and cooperation of these actors to enhance societal security. The final result is a set of recommendations how to overcome these barriers and obstacles and how to enhance knowledge sharing and cooperation between the different domains. For these analyses two types of data were used: a survey among the different stakeholders of societal security as well as literature research about knowledge sharing in general and experiences as well as lessons-learned from other sectors (e.g. health, multinational firms) regarding preconditions, processes and methods to improve common understanding and knowledge transfer.