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Wireless communication in factories

Cognitive rdio - a better solution
: Tumdi, Amit; Hildebrandt, Günter

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München: Fraunhofer ESK, 2010, 34 S.
Studie, Elektronische Publikation
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cognitive Radio; adaptivity; wireless; wireless communication; industry; factory

The demand for wireless technology is gradually increasing in the industrial area. The key factors behind the requirements of wireless technology are remote controlling including mobility and flexibility as well as wear-free transmission of data. For example, wireless sensors and actuators mounted on moving parts of machineries can take advantage of the wireless system. It has been seen that each industrial application has different types of requirements. No single wireless system can accomplish all the needs simultaneously. Thus, it becomes necessary to deploy several systems which can operate parallel for different needs. The requirement for multiple systems in overlapping regions of an industry introduces a coexistence problem. At the same time, these installed systems are not utilizing the spectrum in a proper manner. The under usage of spectrum is a big issue of discussion within this paper. Cognitive radio, which can reconfigure itself according to the change in the surrounding environment, would be a better way to ensure a proper utilization of the spectrum.