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Solving the problem of integrating a client-server architecture with a multi-agent system in the educational domain

: Riera Alvarez, A.; Sánchez Vila, E.; Vila Sobrino, X.; Lama Penín, M.; Hinrichs, E.; Ruland, R.

International Association for Development of the Information Society -IADIS-:
IADIS International Conference Applied Computing 2005. Proceedings. Volume 2. (CD-ROM)
Lisbon: IADIS Press, 2005
ISBN: 972-99353-6-X
International Conference Applied Computing <2005, Algave, Portugal>
Fraunhofer FIT ()
multi-agent system; Client-Server; BSCW; EUME; XML-RPC

This paper presents the subsystem developed under the EUME project to integrate the EUME environment, an Intelligent Learning Management System aimed to support classroom activities, with the BSCW, a \'shared workspace\' system which enables collaboration over the Web. This subsystem allows the EUME multi-agent system to send information to, and get feedback from, the BSCW client-server system by means of a XML-RPC based communication. The motivation behind this integration stems from the need to improve the learning process initiated in the classroom with an infrastructure supporting follow-on activities based on cooperative work between remote students.