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Verfahren zur Oberflaechenbehandlung von Substraten

Process for surface treatment of band shaped substrates with a glow discharge hollow cathode useful surface for cleaning, or surface modification or coating of metal, synthetic plastic or textile strips, and for improving coating adhesion.
: Jung, T.

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DE 102004011178 A: 20040308
DE 2004-102004011178 A: 20040308
EP 2005-5020 A: 20050308
DE 102004011178 A1: 20050929
EP 1575078 A1: 20050914
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Oberflaechenbehandlung von bandfoermigen Substraten, bei der eine Hohlkathoden-Glimmentladung eingesetzt wird, wobei der Entladungsraum durch das Substrat und mindestens eine Gegenelektrode definiert ist.


EP 1575078 A UPAB: 20051011 NOVELTY - Process for surface treatment of band shaped substrates with at least one glow discharge hollow cathode where at least one hollow cathode glow discharge is produced via a hollow cathode the discharge space of which is defined by the band-shaped substrate and at least one counter-electrode and the electric discharge is carried out within the pressure range 0.01-1000 mbar. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for improving the utilization of a steel band substrate, e.g. by application of a melt dip coating with preliminary oxide layer activation. USE - The process is useful for surface cleaning, or surface modification ore coating of metal, synthetic plastic or textile strips (claimed), and for improving the adhesion of previously applied coatings (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The main advantage of the process is the greatly increased variations in the permissible process conditions.