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Contextualized virtual science centers

: Zimmermann, A.; Lorenz, A.; Specht, M.

Tan, L.:
E-learning and virtual science centers
Hershey, Pa: Information Science Publishing, 2005
ISBN: 1-591-40591-2
ISBN: 1-591-40592-0
ISBN: 1-591-40593-9
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Today it is not enough just to supply content without the consideration of the recipient, his/her current task and situation. Therefore the time, the location, the particular technical limitations, and the modality and style of reception are important parameters for contextualized interactions and information delivery.
Context-sensitive content and information processing is especially an asset for the generation of added value in
information delivery. This chapter describes how contextualization can be performed in virtual science centers. The demand for context-sensitive functionalities constitutes a crucial challenge for application developers, system integrators and product designers. This chapter furthermore offers a potentially substantive approach for development and maintenance of context-sensitive systems and services by adapting information brokering techniques.