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Joint Strategie Research Agenda 2012

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: Dickerhof, Markus; Kuhn, Sarah; Scholz, Steffen; Kelly, Emma; Ratchev, Svetan; Zdebski, Daniel; Gavillet, Jerome; Fillon, Bertrand; Duret, Denis; Meyer, Tanja; Gommel, Udo; Wögerer, Christian; Neuy, Christine; Funk, Klaus; Dantec, Maudez Le; Vuillermoz, Patrick; Matthews, Chris; Bolt, Peter; Salomon, Patric
: European Technology Platform for Micro- and NanoManufacturing -MINAM-

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Karlsruhe, 2012, 43 S.
European Commission EC
FP7; 2010-266801; MINAM 2.0
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Nanotechnologie; nanotechnology; nanomanufacturing; microtechnology; MicroNanoManufacturing Technologies (MNMT); MINAM

Micro- and nanomanufacturing technologies (MNMT) have revolutionised the way products are developed and manufactured in a number of key industrial sectors. By offering increased automation and improved performance, these technologies will have a dramatic impact on the way we live, communicate and work. By outlining technology trends in key industrial sectors in Europe, MINAM direct strategic European investment in research and development in four key areas: (i) manufacturing of nanomaterials, (ii) processing of nanosurfaces, (iii) micromanufacturing, (iv) integration of micro and nanomanufacturing systems and platforms.
Supported by the European project MINAM2.0 "Paving the ground for the second generation of a highly effective, application oriented Micro-Nano Manufacturing community in Europe" the strategic targets of the European micro- and nanomanufacturing industry have been identified and are illustrated within the Joint Strategic Research Agenda. As such to (i) establish and consolidate a manufacturing industry based on emerging micro and nanotechnologies, (ii) develop Europe as the world leader in the production of nanoparticles, micro and nanostructures and components, (iii) establish a European complete value chain in the manufacture of micro and nanotechnology products, (iv) ensure that micro and nano products are produced in Europe, using European equipment and systems. Currently, only R&D, pilot cases and first production lines are based in Europe.