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Enhancing ssDNA stability at acidic pH by encapsulation for the usage as DNA marking system

: Stenzel, S.; Bohrisch, J.; Meyer, M.


Journal of applied polymer science 132 (2015), Nr.13, Art. 41754, 7 S.
ISSN: 0021-8995
ISSN: 1097-4628
Fraunhofer IAP ()

The usage of synthetic single-strand DNA (ssDNA) as an invisible barcode is critical for products, which are exposed to DNA damaging influences during their production or handling (ultraviolet light, acidic conditions, and high temperatures). Encapsulation may protect ssDNA against hydrolytic attack under acidic conditions. This assumption was proved by embedding ssDNA into a spherical hydrogel matrix of polyacrylamide and coating it with a crosslinked polystyrene shell. After acidic treatment of these capsules, the ssDNA stability was measured by detecting the amplification ratio over time with quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and calculating the apparent rate constant and apparent half-life. The results of the quantitative detection of ssDNA damage demonstrated that enhancing ssDNA stability by encapsulation with crosslinked polystyrene is possible. Such a potential application may be used in all fields of traceability and of combating counterfeiting, where protection of DNA against environmental influences is needed, for example, as safe marking system for paper, biomaterials, textiles, or leather.