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Success factors for creativity workshops in RE

: Adam, Sebastian; Trapp, Marcus

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Matulevicius, Raimundas (Ed.); Weyer, Thorsten (Ed.); Forbrig, Peter (Ed.); Herrmann, Andrea (Ed.); Daneva, Maya (Ed.); Doerr, Joerg (Ed.); Hoffmann, Anne (Ed.); Kalenborn, Axel (Ed.); Trapp, Marcus (Ed.); Herzwurm, Georg (Ed.); Pietsch, Wolfram (Ed.); Lenz, Annika (Ed.); Schockert, Sixten (Ed.); Daun, Marian (Ed.); Palomares, Cristina (Ed.); Morales Ramirez, Itzel (Ed.); Tenbergen, Bastian (Ed.); Paech, Barbara (Ed.); Wieringa, Roel (Ed.); Knauss, Eric (Ed.); Perini, Anna (Ed.):
REFSQ 2015, Joint Workshops on Research Method Track, and Poster Track. Proceedings : Co-located with the 21st International Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality, REFSQ 2015, Essen, Germany, March 23, 2015
Essen, 2015 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1342)
International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering (CreaRE) <5, 2015, Essen>
International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering - Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ) <21, 2015, Essen>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IESE ()
Innovation; creativity; elicitation; requirements engineering

In today's economy, innovation is the key factor to remain competitive. However, due to the revolutionary and disruptive nature of innovations, it is apparent that traditional requirements engineering (RE) activities alone are not sufficient in this context (even though still highly important, of course). Rather, there is a strong need to enhance traditional RE activities with creativity techniques in a product or service development process. In the last seven years, we have supported several organizations from different domains in innovation finding during the RE phase. This paper presents our experiences from the creativity workshops we applied there, and it shows how such workshops can be integrated into RE processes. In this context, we list success factors that we observed and show the key ingredients of successful creativity workshops from our experience.