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Simulation of the influence of surface tension on granule morphology during spray drying using a simple capillary force model

: Breinlinger, T.; Hashibon, A.; Kraft, T.

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Powder Technology 283 (2015), S.1-8
ISSN: 0032-5910
European Commission EC
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spray drying; granulation; morphology; surface tension; cappilary force

Spray drying is an important process in powder technology as it transforms fine primary powder into processable granules. While various investigations of granule formation exist, the role of surface tension on the evolution of the granule morphology has not been investigated in much detail. This work closes this gap by using numerical simulations on granule level. In our simulation of suspensions of solid particles, we use the Discrete Element Method (DEM) in combination with a CFD solver. Due to the free liquid surface, a multiphase solver is needed including a force model for the particle-surface contact. As a result, our work gives insight into the granule formation and reveals a clear non-linear dependency relating high surface tension to dense granules.