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Optically reconfigurable magnetic materials

: Vogel, M.; Chumak, A.V.; Waller, E.H.; Langner, T.; Vasyuchka, V.I.; Hillebrands, B.; Freymann, G. von


Nature physics 11 (2015), Nr.6, S.487-491
ISSN: 1745-2473
ISSN: 1745-2481
Fraunhofer IPM ()

Structuring of materials is the most general approach for controlling waves in solids. As spin waves - eigen-excitations of the electrons' spin system - are free from Joule heating, they are of interest for a range of applications, such as processing, filtering and short-time data storage. Whereas all these applications rely on predefined constant structures, a dynamic variation of the structures would provide additional, novel applications. Here, we present an approach for producing fully tunable, two-dimensionally structured magnetic materials. Using a laser, we create thermal landscapes in a magnetic medium that result in modulations of the saturation magnetization and in the control of spin-wave characteristics. This method is demonstrated by the realization of fully reconfigurable one- and two-dimensional magnonic crystals - artificial periodic magnetic lattices.