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Compact polymeric 3D prints of high stability

: Hellmann, G.P.; Kottlorz, C.; Presser, J.; Utaloff, K.


Journal of Materials Research 29 (2014), Nr.17, S.1833-1840
ISSN: 0884-2914
ISSN: 2044-5326
Fraunhofer LBF ()

The media advertizes that soon everybody can manufacture models and parts of all kinds via computer-aided design -computer-aided manufacturing by additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. That can boost the do-it-yourself activities enormously. But it can also revolutionize the industries: Most conventional technologies of manufacture are profitable only in big lots of production. For single specimens and small lots of production, they are too expensive. But with AM, one or a few original or spare parts can be produced at low cost. However, to succeed in the market, the AM products must become competitive. They must have reproducibility of an exact shape, even in tiny details, a perfect surface and, above all, sufficient mechanical strength. This article deals with three-dimensional ink-jet printing with monomer inks and polymer powders. Since powder beds are always porous, the main aim was to fill the pores permanently with high amounts of the ink polymer. A new polyme r powder that rapidly dissolves in monomer inks is reported.