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Description of Bauschinger effect of polycrystalline during cyclic loading by crystal plasticity model

: Zheng, L.; Zhang, S.; He, W.; Song, H.; Helm, D.

Cailiao-kexue-yu-gongyi = Materials science and technology 22 (2014), Nr.6, S.78-84
ISSN: 1005-0299
Fraunhofer IWM ()

To study the effect of texture on the Bauschinger effect of polycrystal material, the mechanical behavior of AA6014 aluminum alloy under cyclic loading was simulated by the classical crystal plasticity model and crystal plasticity model with kinematic hardening. The relation between macro-mechanic behavior and crystal misorientation in polycrystalline was analyzed. The effect of orientation difference in polycrystalline finite model on the simulation results was quantitatively analyzed. Moreover, the mechanism of classical crystal plasticity model which could describe Bauschinger effect was researched in detail. The result shows that the internal stress caused by the interaction among the crystals is the main factor that leads to the Bauschinger effect in the macro mechanical behavior, and the crystal plasticity model with kinematic hardening could describe the cyclic loading process of AA6014 aluminum alloy very well.