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iManual - Mobile Endgeräte als kontextsensitive integrierte Bedien- und Hilfesysteme

: Klann, M.; Humberg, D.; Wulf, V.

Wirtschaftsinformatik 47 (2005), Nr.1, S.36-44
ISSN: 0937-6429
Fraunhofer FIT ()

This article describes the iManual-concept at Fraunhofer FIT which deals with the use of mobile devices as context-aware integrated control and help systems for in principal arbitrary wirelessly connected consumer or industrial products. Following the premise of designing the interface of various IT-based products in a way that facilitates learning and respects user expectations, we explore the design space that is created by combining control and help functions by way of mobile devices. On the way, we discuss various potentials of this approach to enhance the corresponding products and services. Based on a review of the state of the art on intelligent help systems and mobile interfaces we describe the iManual concept and a prototypical implementation for a PDA-based control and help system for the navigation system of the BMW 7. We conclude with a discussion of limitations and opportunities for extension of the approach and corresponding further work.