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Towards a Component Concept for Continuous Software Engineering

: Mann, S.; Borusan, A.; Ehrig, H.; Große-Rhode, M.; Mackenthun, R.; Sünbül, A.; Weber, H.

Berlin: ISST, 2000
ISST-Berichte, 55
Fraunhofer ISST ()

This paper will sketch the preliminary ideas for the component concept which are to be proven and investigated further within the research project "Continuous Software Engineering: Continuous Engineering for Evolutionary Information- and Communication Infrastructures". This paper is a position paper of the working group "Components" within the sub-porject "Conceptual Basis for Continous Software Engineering" and focuses on research tasks to be undertaken within the project. The component concept aimed for should serve as a basis for supporting continuous software engineering as described by the different scenarios of migration, reconfiguration and product lines development [CSE 99]. First, we will define components and a general scheme for describing them. Next, we will discuss how to compose components. The complexity of a component is managed by views which we employ to represent each part of a component from different point of views using adequate descript ion languages.