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Biological and technological challenges establishing a future-proof cryogenic biomaterialbank

: Ciba, P.; Böhmert, B.; Lermen, D.; Fuhr, G.R.; Kruse, C.

International Institute of Refrigeration -IIR-:
12th Cryogenics 2012 : IIR international conference. Proceedings CD-ROM : Dresden, Germany, September 11 - 14, 2012
Paris: IIR, 2012 (Science et technique du froid 4)
ISBN: 978-2-913149-93-9
Cryogenics <12, 2012, Dresden>
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To establish and maintain a cross generational cryogenic collection of rare animal biomaterial resources, several technological precautions need to be considered to ensure the usability of the stored samples at longterm. In the German Cell Bank for Wildlife "Alfred Brehm" (short: "CRYO-BREHM") different biotechnological and cryotechnological features are applied that allow a sustainable scientific usability of the sample material. Further, a safe long-term storage of living cellular material and the sample related information is ensured.