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Service-based infrastructure for user-oriented environmental information delivery

: Wanner, L.; Bosch, H.; Bouayad-Agha, N.; Bügel, U.; Casamayor, G.; Ertl, T.; Karppinen, A.; Kompatsiaris, I.; Koskentalo, T.; Mille, S.; Moßgraber, J.; Moumtzidou, A.; Myllynen, M.; Pianta, E.; Rospocher, M.; Saggion, H.; Serafini, L.; Tarvainen, V.; Tonelli, S.; Usländer, T.; Vrochidis, S.

Berre, A.J.; Roman, D.; Maué, P.:
envip'2010. Environmental Information Systems and Services - Infrastructures and Platforms : Proceedings of the Workshop "Environmental Information Systems and Services - Infrastructures and Platforms". Workshop at EnviroInfo2010. Bonn, Germany, October 6-8, 2010
2010 (CEUR Workshop Proceedings 679)
ISSN: 1613-0073
Workshop "Environmental Information Systems and Services - Infrastructures and Platforms" <2010, Bonn>
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Citizens are increasingly aware of the influence of environmental and meteorological conditions on the quality of their life. The consequence of this awareness is the demand for personalized environmental information, i.e., information that is tailored to their specific context and background. The EU-funded project PESCaDO addresses this demand in its full complexity. It aims to develop a service that supports the user in questions related to environmental conditions in that it searches for reliable data in the web, processeses these data to deduce the relevant information and communicates this information to the user in the language of their preference. In this paper, we describe the requirements and the working service-based realization of the infrastructure of the service.