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Active autonomous object modeling for recognition and manipulation

Towards a unified object model and learning cycle
: Kubacki, J.; Giesler, B.; Parlitz, C.

Levi, P.:
Autonome Mobile Systeme 2005. 19. Fachgespräch : Stuttgart, 8./9. Dezember 2005
Berlin: Springer, 2005 (Informatik Aktuell)
ISBN: 3-540-30291-3
Fachgespräch Autonome Mobile Systeme (AMS) <19, 2005, Stuttgart>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D-Geometrie; geometric modeling; manipulation; Object Recognition; robotic; object modeling; COGNIRON

In this paper the aim is combine the principle of active autonomous object modeling with results from the fiel of computer vision and 3D geometrical modeling for recognition purposes focusing on modern robotics. The goal is to make a first step towards a unified object model and learning cycle that allow for integration of inputs from different research activities related to recognition and modeling in order to enable a robot to actively develop models over operation time.