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Simulation of automated seam sealing process: Fundamentals, state of the art and outlook

: Schneider, M.

Seibert, K.W. ; Fluent Inc., Lebanon:
2nd European Automotive CFD Conference 2005 : Frankfurt, Germany, 29th - 30th June 2005
Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: Fluent Inc., 2005
ISBN: 0-09719532-3-6
European Automotive CFD Conference (EACC) <2, 2005, Frankfurt/Main>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Lackiertechnik; Beschichtungstechnik; Nahtabdichten; Dickstoffapplikation; Strömungssimulation; Applikationstechnik; seam sealing; POLYFLOW; Automatisierung; Polivinylchlorid

The basic physics of the seam sealing process in vehicle construction has been worked out. Thereyby, modeling by computer simulation has played an important role. The rheological behavior of the highly viscous PVC and PUR sealing fluids, e.g., shear thinning, influence of temperature, yield stress, and thixotropy has been studied. Important conclusions with regard to the development of meaningful methods for material testing can be deduced. Another area of investigation was concerned with the heating behavior of the flow in hoses, tubes and in the nozzle. From the VOF simulations important information on the application on substrate steps and hem flanges can be obtained. The model that has been developed will be used for the development and design of improved equipment and materials as well as for a better matching of equipment and materials. This will have a direct impact on the ecological and economical aspects of the seam sealing process.