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Functional coatings deposition in microfluidic systems by dbd-based PA-CVD

: Eichler, M.; Thomas, M.; Hacker, J.; Klages, C.-P.

Hrabovsky, M.:
2nd International Workshop on Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Sources and Applications, CAPPSA 2005. Proceedings : 30th August - 2nd September 2005 Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, 2005
International Workshop on Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas - Sources and Applications (CAPPSA) <2, 2005, Bruges>
Fraunhofer IST ()
microfluidic; dielectric barrier discharge; surface property; chemical functionalization; hydrophilic; hydrophobic; protein adsorption; silicon oxide; microplasma; cavity; biotechnology

Using atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharges (DBD), microfluidic systems have been modified by deposition of Si-based coatings in order to obtain, e.g., hydrophilicity of internal walls. The coatings were characterized by microscopic FTIR-spectroscopy and wetting experiments. In order to control the spatial coating thickness distribution, the influence of the electric field magnitude and orientation was considered. The deposition rate was investigated as a function of gas flow velocity, plasma-pulsing and cavity geometry.