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Shed a light in the darkness: Technology against cancer

: Yokaichiya, F.; Kazuyo Kobayashi Dias Franco, M.; Rodrigues, T.; Ribeiro de Araujo, D.; Storsberg, J.; Schmidt, C.

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Journal of Cancer Epidemiology & Treatment 1 (2015), Nr.1, 2 S.
ISSN: 2059-8556
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Far from the time when a simple candle light illuminated an optical microscope in an attempt to remove the veil of the unknown and fascinating world of biological phenomena, we now live in a world where stupendous research facilities are able to really shed some light through the world of functioning of life. Although the great discoveries have been carried out in the 50´s, with the solution of the DNA model, and the first protein (myoglobin) and enzyme (lysozyme) structures have been solved in the 60´s, thanks to the advent of these facilities, synchrotron radiation and neutron (reactors and spallation sources) laboratories, a huge input in the life science has allowed the scientists to reveal the mysterious of biochemical and biophysical processes of nature.