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Anordnung elektrochemischer Zellen

: Bromberger, Kolja; Smolinka, Tom; Went, Joachim

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DE 102013225159 A1: 20131206
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to an arrangement of electrochemical cells which are operated at a temperature of maximally 300 DEG C. At least one electrochemical cell is formed with multiple base elements (GE-X) which are arranged one over the other and the outer edge regions of which are connected in a fluid-tight manner; two electrodes; one membrane; at least two respective inlets and outlets; and at least two regions through which reactants can flow and each of which contacts one of the two electrodes. The base elements (GE-X) are partly provided with at least one filling compound (FM-Y) in some regions, said regions forming a seal and/or a membrane and/or an electrode and/or a bipolar plate made of film together with the base element (GE-X). Some of the regions are provided without the filling compound (FM-Y), said regions functioning as spacers between functional materials and/or functional elements and being fluidically permeable for the reactants on or perpendicular to the plane of the base elements (GE-X), thus forming defined flow paths for the reactants. Some regions are also provided with through-holes that form fluid inlets and outlets, channeling and distributing structures, and the regions through which reactants can flow, and/or the through-holes constitute receiving areas for functional materials, such as membranes, electrodes, through or over which the fluid can flow, and bipolar plates or films and/or functional elements, and/or an additional filling compound (FM-Y) can be arranged or introduced into said through-holes.