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A smart pressure sensor with on-chip calibration and compensation capability

: Obermeier, Ernst; Hein, Stefan; Schlichting, Volker; Hammerschmidt, Dirk; Schnatz, Frank V.; Hosticka, Bedrich J.

Sensors 12 (1995), Nr. 3, S. 20 - 22, 52-53
ISSN: 0746-9462
Fraunhofer IMS ()
algorithms; amplification; calibration; cmos integrated circuits; computer software; differential amplifiers; parameter estimation; personal computer; sensitivity analysis; shift register; signal processing; thermal effects

Described is a smart pressure sensor that can be calibrated and compensated for temperature effects by its digitally programmable on-chip electronics, without the need for additional external components or laser trimming of on-chip thin film resistors. Programming is done via a dual-line connection and a serial port by means of a PC. A program developed for this purpose determines from a simple test the optimum bit combinations for the six programmable parameters that are stored in a 30-bit static on-chip shift register.