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Influence of alloying elements and extrusion process parameter on the recrystallization process of Mg-Zn alloys

: Meza-Garcia, Enrique; Bohlen, J.; Yi, S.; Letzig, D.; Kräusel, Verena; Landgrebe, Dirk; Kainer, Karl Ulrich


Materials today. Proceedings 2 (2015), Supplement 1, S.S19-S25
ISSN: 2214-7853
International Conference "MEFORM" <2015, Freiberg>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IWU ()
magnesium wrought alloys; zinc; Zirconium; rare earth elements; indirect extrusion; recrystallisation; texture

In the present work, the influence of the additions of zinc, zirconium and cerium-rich mischmetal on the microstructural recrystallization development of magnesium were investigated. Grain size and chemical composition were the principal variables of the billets used for indirect extrusion experiments. Significant changes in the evolution of the dynamic recrystallization (DRX) process as a function of the alloying element contents and the process variables were observed. Microstructures and preferred orientation of crystallites were correlated in order to discuss the role of alloy composition on the DRX. This discussion was based on the macro-texture measurements and some EBSD measurements of selected samples.