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INSCAPE - interactive storytelling for creative people

: Göbel, S.; Becker, F.

Stanke, G. ; Gesellschaft zur Förderung Angewandter Informatik -GfaI-:
Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie : Konferenzband; die 12. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic imaging & the visual arts / EVA 2005 Berlin, 9. - 11. November 2005 in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin am Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz
Berlin: GFaI, 2005
ISBN: 3-9809212-3-9
Conference Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts (EVA) <12, 2005, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
interactive digital storytelling; authoring; edutainment application; INSCAPE

In the first part of the paper, the global aims and objectives of the INSCAPE project are introduced. Then, first results of the research work at ZGDV Darmstadt in form of an analysis of story patterns and story models as underlying semantic structure of the INSCAPE application domains - ranging from game based approaches, life performances or entertainment to more serious applications such as training and simulation or communication and marketing - are presented. Hereby, the focus is set on "Education and Entertainment" which also represents the INSCAPE application sector addressed for the INSCAPE alpha version. Based on that analysis some examples for the usage of INSCAPE for museum applications are described. Finally, an outlook points out further steps and future prospects of the INSCAPE approach.