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Active reduction of waviness through processing with modulated laser power

: Oreshkin, O.; Küpper, M.; Temmler, A.; Willenborg, E.


Journal of laser applications : JLA 27 (2015), Nr.2, Art.022004
ISSN: 1042-346X
ISSN: 1938-1387
Fraunhofer ILT ()

A new approach to the reduction of the waviness of metal surfaces is based on laser remelting with modulated laser power. Waviness reduction is reached due to the modification of direction of solidification of a molten pool. The changes of the molten pool are induced by laser radiation in which amplitude is modulated in accordance with initial topography of surface. The laser process with modulated laser power allows decreasing the waviness up to 80%-95% depending of the wavelength of the initial structure. Results are given for milled steel 1.2343. This new approach shows better results in comparison with laser polishing with nonmodulated laser power.