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Structural characterization of laser bonded sapphire wafers using a titanium absorber thin film

: Pablos-Martin, A. de; Tismer, S.; Höche, T.


Journal of materials science & technology : JMST 31 (2015), Nr.5, S.484-488
ISSN: 1005-0302
ISSN: 1000-3029
Fraunhofer IWM ( IMWS) ()

Two sapphire substrates were tightly bonded by irradiation with a 1064 nm nanosecond laser and using a sputtered 50 nm-titanium thin film as an absorbing medium. Upon laser irradiation, aluminum from the upper substrate is incorporated into the thin film, forming Ti-Al-O compounds. While the irradiated region becomes transparent, the bond quality was evaluated by scanning acoustic microscopy.