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EAP Research at Fraunhofer IPA. Materials, Process - and Application Development

Presentation held at Symposium on Electroactive Polymers Research, Memorial Symposium: Opening of Fraunhofer x AIST "Fraunhofer Project Center". 2. Oktober 2014, Osaka, Japan
: Glanz, Carsten

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2014, 32 Folien
Symposium on Electroactive Polymers Research <2014, Osaka>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Electroactive Polymer (EAP); soft robotics; Material Engineering; Materialwissenschaft; Aktuator

Department of Functional Materials at Fraunhofer IPA is active in the field of electroactive polymers since the year 2000. The main focus of activities has been given to the development of production processes of carbon nanotube based actuators including wet and dry systems, bending and out-of-plane as well as volume actuators. The results of research work are demonstrated on examples of design for micro-dosage system and rear-view mirror, functional models of drum break system and micro-pipette, as well as on the self-adjustable lens. The research in the field of process technology for cost efficient production of the materials has been extended to R2R printing and coating systems.
The presentation gives an overview of research and development activities of Fraunhofer IPA in the field of electroactive polymers EAPs with main focus on carbon nanomaterials.