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: Müller, Dominik; Abert, Michael; Berger, Thomas; Krampfert, Matthias; Bayha, Thomas

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WO 2013EP02404 : 20130809
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a battery having a housing in which at least two electrodes arranged at a distance from each other are arranged and which are electrically conductively connected to each other by means of an electrolyte received in the housing. In order to be able to draw conclusions in respect of the operating state of the battery based on gases, as are normally formed during decomposition of the electrolyte due to aging processes, according to the invention the housing is penetrated by at least one line, the inner chamber of which communicates with the electrolyte or with a gas chamber in the interior of the housing which is connected to the electrolyte, wherein the line is connected to a sample removal point located outside of the housing. The line can particularly be a recirculation line having a carrier gas conducted therein in the circuit, which carrier gas receives the gases diffused into the line.