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Verfahren zum Wiedergeben von Bildinformationen und autostereoskopischer Bildschirm

: Barré, René de la

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WO 2014/183774 A1: 20130517
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a method for reproducing image information on an autostereoscopic screen (11) that has a pixel matrix (12) and an optical grid (13) arranged in front of the pixel matrix (12), wherein pixels (15) of the pixel matrix (12) are arranged such that they form a multiplicity of rows arranged equidistantly next to one another, and wherein the optical grid (13) has a multitude of strip-like structures oriented parallel to the rows and arranged equidistantly next to one another, wherein a period length (D) of the optical grid (13) that is defined by a lateral offset in adjacent strip-like structures is greater by an integer factor n than a lateral offset (d) in the directly adjacent rows. In this case, the method comprises association of in each case a first local coordinate value (x1) and a second local coordinate value (x2) with each of said rows, wherein the first local coordinate value (x1) indicates in each case a location on a coordinate axis (18) that is oriented horizontally at the viewing interval (A) in front of the screen (11) and on which the defined propagation plane, which is prescribed by the optical grid (13), of the light exiting the respective row, or one of these propagation planes, intersects this coordinate axis (18), and wherein the second local coordinate value (x2) indicates a position of the respective row or the strip-like structure of the optical grid (13), through which row/structure the light exiting the pixels (15) in this row passes, in the lateral direction. For each of the rows, a respective excerpt from an image is then calculated by image synthesis, with the pixels (15) of the pixel matrix (12) being driven accordingly. The invention also relates to an autostereoscopic screen that is designed for this type of image reproduction.