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Millimeter Wave Scanning Imaging System

: Krebs, Christian

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EP 2796902 A1: 20130423
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer FHR

WO14173831A2 [EN] A millimeter wave scanning imaging system, for scanning objects, comprises a transport means for transporting the objects in a first direction, a millimeter wave measurement system and a scanning system. The millimeter wave measurement system comprises a transmitter coupled to a first antenna and a receiver coupled to a second antenna, which are arranged distant to each other and form a gap through which the objects can be transported. The scanning system generates a synchronous arc-shaped movement of the first antenna and the second antenna. The signal from the transmitter is converted from Hi0 mode into H11 mode and coupled via a rotary joint in H11 mode to the first antenna, thus maintaining the orientation or polarization of the signal constant with respect to the transport means over rotation.