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Method and Arrangement for Manufacturing a Sample for Microstructural Materials Diagnostics and Corresponding Sample

: Krause, Michael

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EP 20130162360 : 20130404
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Method for manufacturing a sample for microstructural materials diagnostics, especially for transmission electron microscopy examinations, for scanning electron microscopy examinations for transmission electron-backscatter diffraction, for Rutheford backscatter diffraction, for elastic recoil detection analysis, for X-ray absorption spectroscopy or for X-ray diffraction, comprising detaching a basic structure from a preferably flat substrate by irradiating the substrate with a high energy beam, preferably with a laser beam, wherein the basic structure comprises a supported structure being supported by a supporting structure, preferably a cantilever beam which is supported at least at one of its both ends, preferably at both of its ends, by the supporting structure, the supporting structure being configured to be held by a jig, preferably to be clamped in the jig, and thinning the supported structure at least in sections by cutting, preferably by grazing, its surface, preferably at least at one of its lateral faces and/or of its front faces, preferably two opposing ones of its lateral faces, with the high energy beam.