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Modular micro reaction system including ceramic components

: Moritz, T.; Lenk, R.; Adler, J.; Zins, M.


International journal of applied ceramic technology 2 (2005), Nr.6, S.521-528
ISSN: 1546-542X
ISSN: 1744-7402
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
micro reaction technology; ceramic micro reactors; catalysis; ceramic; chemical-reactor; foam; heat exchanger; microfluidic; module; thermal conductivity

Micro reaction technology offers the possibility to improve the flexibility, selectivity, and mobility of chemical reactions in the chemical industry, process engineering, or pharmaceutical industry. In comparison with conventional chemical devices, the scale down to a millimeter or micrometer scale will result in remarkable time and cost savings, especially in the area of research and development of smaller- and medium-sized enterprises and at universities. The Fraunhofer Alliance Modular Micro Reaction System (FAMOS), consisting of six Fraunhofer institutes, has developed a software-based micro reaction toolkit provided with all essential elements of conventional chemical devices, e.g., micro reactors, micro mixers, or analyzing modules. All these elements are arranged on a single platform. Besides modules made of other materials, ceramics play a dominant role in micro reactor components. Their chemical and thermal resistance show a number of advantages for application in micro reaction technology, especially in such cases when aggressive media are combined with high temperatures. For this reason, ceramic micro mixers and reaction modules containing multichannel plates for screening of catalysts or ceramic self-heating foam structures were developed. This contribution will introduce the modular micro reaction system FAMOS such as different ceramic modules. It will show the development of the modules including construction, shaping, covering, and testing.