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Enhancing mechanical properties of particleboards using plasma treated wood particles

: Altgen, D.; Bellmann, M.; Wascher, R.; Viöl, W.; Mai, C.


European journal of wood and wood products 73 (2015), Nr.2, S.219-223
ISSN: 0018-3768
ISSN: 1436-736X
Fraunhofer IST ()

The surface properties of wood particles are one of the key factors for the development of mechanical and physical properties of particleboards. Particles were treated with plasma at atmospheric pressure with ambient air in order to enhance the polarity of wooden surfaces. One-layer particle boards were produced from the plasma-treated particles by using 3, 5, and 8 % urea formaldehyde adhesive (related to the particles). For all adhesive ratios, internal bond strength was increased by approximately 0.1 MPa compared to the respective controls. The modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity and water related properties were only improved compared to the respective controls at the lowest adhesive content. It is therefore concluded that the plasma treatment can improve the bonding quality and water related properties of particleboards particularly at low adhesive contents.