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Simulation and experimental validation of gaps and bridging in the automated fiber placement process

: Lichtinger, R.


Science and engineering of composite materials 22 (2015), Nr.2, S.131-148
ISSN: 0334-181X
Fraunhofer ICT ()

With the increasing demand for carbon fiber-reinforced parts in the aerospace industry, automated manufacturing methods such as automated fiber placement (AFP) are being established. To utilize AFP's strong potential on multiple-curved surfaces such as chamfered sandwich structures, it is important to analyze and control emerging effects like gaps, bridging, and steering. An analytical relationship between path generation and effects of the AFP manufacture of chamfered sandwich structures have been found with good agreement to experimental tests. The deformation behavior of an industrially used compaction roller has been analyzed numerically and experimentally. The results show a nonuniform deformation behavior on flat and curved surfaces and the limited deformability of the compaction roller.