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Magnet properties of Mn70Ga30 prepared by cold rolling and magnetic field annealing

: Ener, S.; Skokov, K.P.; Karpenkov, D.Y.; Kuz'min, M.D.; Gutfleisch, O.


Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 382 (2015), S.265-270
ISSN: 0304-8853
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Fraunhofer ISC ()
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The remanence and coercivity of arc melted Mn75Ga30 can be substantially improved by cold rolling. For best performance the rolled material should be annealed at T=730 K in the presence of a magnetic field of 1 T. The so-obtained magnet has a remanence of 0.239 T and a coercivity of 1.24 T at room temperature. The underlying reason for the high coercivity and remanence is the increase of the content of a metastable ferrimagnetic DO22 phase at the expense of the normally stable anti-ferromagnetic DO19. Magnetic field significantly increases the nucleation rate of the ferromagnetic DO22 phase that leads to grain size refinement and as a consequence of improving remanence and coercive field.