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Impacts and dynamics of competing standards of recordable DVD-media

: Gauch, S.

Panetto, H.:
Interoperability of Enterprise Software and Applications : Workshops of the INTEROP-ESA International Conference EI2N, WSI, ISIDI and IEHENA 2005, February 22nd, 2005 - Geneva, Switzerland
London: Hermes Science Publ., 2005
ISBN: 1-905209-49-5
INTEROP-ESA International Conference <2005, Geneva>
Fraunhofer ISI ()
standard; competition; dynamic; DVD

The following paper analyzes the impact and dynamics of competing standards and specifications with similar technological background by the concrete example of recordable and rewritable optical media based on Digital Versatile Disc technology. Special attention is paid to the structure of competitor networks as well as their strategic allocation of Intellectual Property assets and informations flows in form of amount of specifications forwarded from consortia specifications to formal standardisation bodies. Moreover, implications concerning timing of market entry and the role of installed base in the conflict are analyzed. Finally, problems of implementation and compatibility are discussed and the concept of "multiple implementation" is introduced as a strategy of stable coexistence in standards wars.