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Corona treatment on polyethylene films at different ambient conditions surface characterization and plasma diagnostics

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: Kiesow, A.; Teuscher, N.; Heilmann, A.; Meinhardt, J.

Hrabovsky, M.:
2nd International Workshop on Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Sources and Applications, CAPPSA 2005. Proceedings : 30th August - 2nd September 2005 Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, 2005
International Workshop on Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas - Sources and Applications (CAPPSA) <2, 2005, Bruges>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
corona discharge; surface modification; polyethylene; optical emission spectroscopy

Low-density polyethylene (LD-PE) films were surface treated by corona discharge under industrial-like conditions, i.e., with relatively short exposure times in the plasma. The treatments were performed at different climatic conditions. The influence of different process parameters in combination with varying the ambie nt air moisture and temperature during the atmospheric plasma discharge on the m odification effect was studied by contact angle measurement and X-ray photo-elec tron spectroscopy (XPS). For example, differences in the surface energy and chem ical composition on the surface have been observed for treatments at varying the relative humidity and leaving the treatment power constant. Additionally, opt ical emission spectroscopy (OES) was applied to analyze the plasma discharge. Co rrelations between treatment parameters and results of the surface characterizat ion as well as the plasma diagnostics were found and are discussed.