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Multicrystalline silicon solar cells exceeding 20% efficiency

: Schultz, O.; Glunz, S.W.; Willeke, G.P.


Progress in Photovoltaics 12 (2004), Nr.7, S.553-558
ISSN: 1062-7995
Fraunhofer ISE ()

This paper presents the first conversion efficiency above 20% for a multicrystalline silicon solar cell. The application of wet oxidation for rear surface passivation significantly reduces the process temperature and therefore prevents the degradation of minority-carrier lifetime. The excellent optical properties of the dielectrically passivated rear surface in combination with a plasma textured front surface result in a superior light trapping and allow the use of substrates below 100 mu m thickness. A simplified process scheme with laser-fired rear contacts leads to conversion efficiencies of 20·3% for multicrystalline and 21·2% for monocrystalline silicon solar cells on small device areas (1 cm2).