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Retrieving the state of the art and of the practice in QA for data inconsistencies

: Klaus, Alexander

Kaiserslautern: Fraunhofer IESE, 2014, 10 S.
IESE-Report, 078.14/E
Fraunhofer IESE ()
systematic literature review; questionnaire; quality assurance; data race

Modern systems are developed for parallel access by several users and are often based on behavioral descriptions. Parallel access to data by several users may lead to data races and data inconsistencies. The question arises how we can prevent such problems. For this, several research questions have been defined, and with a systematic literature review, the state of the art has been examined. This review is presented. The proposed solution to prevent the problems mentioned is based on the analysis of behavioral descriptions for parallel actions, which is enriched with information on accesses to data. This leads to a direct identification of parts with concurrent accesses to data, which can then be tested effectively. The question arises, how the problem is treated in the industry and in which contexts the problem exists. Therefore, we have designed a questionnaire, which on the one hand serves to capture the current state of the practice in areas of software development relevant for this research problem, and on the other hand is based on parts of UTAUT. The results of this survey serve to adjust the solution to the needs in industry, so that a useful and acceptable solution may evolve.