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D83.11 - CM policy & legislation report

: Tagarev, Todor; Petkov, Vesselin; Frech, Isabelle; Vollmer, Maike; Hayes, Ben; Birkman, Laura; Swart, Linette de; Giroud, Frederique; MacDonagh, Peter; Mackin, Martin; O'Byrnes, Ruth; Iarossi, Nicola; Rebuffi, Luigi; Tani, Klaudia; Norrby, Marie; Mülayim, Adem Yasar; Politou, Nadia; Jager, Bettina de; Eich, Florian; Schirnhofer, Stefan

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Erstellt am: 24.3.2015

Sofia, 2014, 1752 S.
European Commission EC
FP7; 607798; DRIVER
DRIVing Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer INT ()
supporting information; CM policy & legislation; cross-border operations; civil-mil coordination

The results of the DRIVER WP83.1 surveys provide an overview on national and EU/UN CrisisManagement (CM) governance data, i.e. legislation and policy. This includes policy and legislation on cross-border (EU-internal and external) CM operations. The results provide a general overview of the relevant policy and legislative environment andwill serve as non-technological performance conditions and criteria for the DRIVER solutions, will support the test-bed design (SP2) and the design of the experimental campaigns (incl. the development of the scenarios) in SP6. At a later stage in the project, and based on these developments, the WP83 team will be responsible for the development of policy and legislative recommendations for policy makers and legislators. Since there is an inextricable link between the activities of the DRIVER WP82 and WP83, a combined template covering the high level-analysis required in both task 82.1 (“Crisis Management Processes &Organisations”) and task 83.1 (“Policy & Governance”) has been developed. Thus, the conducted studies of MS, EU- and UN-level as well as of selected neighbouring countries include information on CM Capabilities, Organisation, Policies, and Legislation (COPL). In addition, CM related Civil-Military cooperation in the different countries has been gathered. In Annexes, we include the individual studies on Capabilities, Organisations, Policies, and Legislation (COPL) in crisis management and disaster response of the EU MS, selected neighbouring countries and international organisations (EU and UN).