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Determination of real-time network configuration for self-adaptive automotive systems

: Zhang, Ziming
: Hardt, Wolfram; Stante, Alexander

Chemnitz, 2015, 80 S.
Chemnitz, TU, Master Thesis, 2015
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
self adapt; dynamic network configuration; real-time; time trigger; AUTOSAR; media access control; scheduling algorithm; EAST-ADL; OMNeT++

The Electric/Electronic architecture of vehicle becomes more complex and costly, self-adaption can reduce the system, enhance the adaptive meanwhile reduce energy consumption and costs. The self-adaption needs the cooperation of both hardware and software reconfigurations, such that after the software is reconfigured the auto-motive network continues to fulfill the time constraints for time-critical applications. The thesis focuses on the real-time network reconfiguration. It uses EAST-ADL to model a real-time automotive system with timing events and constraints, which conforms to AUTOSAR timing extensions. The network media access is analyzed based on the model and a scheduling algorithm is developed. Then the concept is implemented by a use case, which is transformed from an EAST-ADL model to an executable simulation.