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FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe

FUTRE Project. Grant Agreement no: 314181, 7th Framework Programme, Funding Scheme: Support Action
: Aggelakakis, Aggelos

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Erstellt am: 4.3.2015

Thessaloniki: CERTH/HIT, 2014, 31 S.
ISBN: 978-618-81668-0-6
European Commission EC
FP7; 314181; FUTRE
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This publication is based on the outcomes of the FUTRE project, a Support Action funded by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme. The publication presents the future challenges, demand drivers and upcoming innovations, which can have a considerable impact on the global demand patterns for the passenger and freight transport, and how these might affect the competitiveness of the related industries and service providers. This work aims to bridge the gap between manifold studies on the future of the European transport system and the issue of competitiveness, which needs to be supported through targeted research strategies. FUTRE investigated the challenges of the European transport sector in the long term, to develop the strategic options for European transport research policy.