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Public perception of CO2 offshore storage in Germany: Regional differences and determinants

: Schumann, Diana; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Pietzner, Katja

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Energy Procedia 63 (2014), S.7096-7112
ISSN: 1876-6102
International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) <12, 2014, Austin/Tex.>
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public perception; CO2 offshore storage; CO2 onshore storage; CO2 transport via pipeline; regional differences; determinants of attitudes; two-dimensional comparative approach; Germany

The present study investigates and compares the public perception of CO2 offshore storage, CO2 onshore storage and CO2 transport via pipeline in Germany nationwide and in two coastal regions. For this purpose, three representative surveys were carried out and analyzed with the methods of descriptive statistics and ordinal regressions. The results of our descriptive statistical analyses show clear regional differences with regard to self-reported awareness, factual knowledge, risk perceptions and general attitudes towards CO2 offshore/onshore storage and CO2 transport via pipeline. With regard to the public perception of the two storage options - offshore and onshore - no major differences could be identified: both are hardly accepted by the German public. In comparison to CO2 offshore storage/CO2 onshore storage, the attitudes towards CO2 transport via pipeline were perceptibly more positive in all regions. Our regression analyses revealed that the perceptions of the personal and societal risks of CO2 transport via pipeline/CO2 offshore storage/CO2 onshore storage as well as the perceptions of the personal and societal benefits of CCS are the most important direct determinants of general attitudes towards CO2 transport via pipeline, CO2 offshore storage and CO2 onshore storage.