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Lignofibre (LGF) process - a flexible biorefinery for lignocellulosics

: Kangas, H.

Cellulose chemistry and technology 48 (2014), Nr.9-10, S.765-771
ISSN: 0576-9787
Fraunhofer IAP ()

LignoFibre (LGF) organosolv process is a potential novel fractionation method for biomass, yielding cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses. Depending on the solvent used, the LGF fractions have potential in numerous biomaterial and chemical applications. Unbleached acetic acid LGF cellulose fibres showed promising results as reinforcement fibres in composites, while bleached fibres could be used for dissolving pulps and cellulose derivatives as well as for nanocellulose manufacturing. Ethanol LGF pulps are suitable material for enzymatic hydrolysis and further fermentation of the monomeric sugars into bioethanol. Based on its material properties, sulphur-free LGF lignin has potential as an additive in bioplastics or in resin applications. The sugar-based compounds could serve as platform chemicals and studies on their recovery from the cooking liquor at high yield and purity are currently on-going.