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High-dynamic range video cameras based on single shot non-regular sampling

: Keinert, Joachim; Schöberl, Michael; Ziegler, Matthias; Zilly, Frederik; Foessel, Siegfried


SMPTE motion imaging journal 123 (2014), Nr.8, S.49-54
ISSN: 1545-0279
ISSN: 0036-1682
Fraunhofer IIS ()
High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Compared with traditional video acquisition, high dynamic range video increases the visual experience, enhances opportunities in post-production and simplifies studio lighting. However, existing techniques for high dynamic range video capture are too expensive for low and medium budget cameras. Furthermore, they are not suitable for handling the most challenging lighting conditions. Against this background, this paper presents a novel technique for capturing high dynamic range video. It is based on a non-regular mask of attenuation filters placed in front of a standard sensor. Compared to a traditional sensor with the same resolution, the captured image shows nearly the same amount of detail, but has a much higher dynamic range. The achievable dynamic range increment depends on the underlying sensor capabilities. For highest quality requirements, a 12 f-stop sensor can be extended by 2 to 5 f-stops and a 14 f-stop sensor, by 4, to 7 f-stops. The obviation of bracketing avoids motion artefacts and reduces the data volume read from the sensor.