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Applications of aluminium hybrid foam sandwiches in battery housings for electric vehicles

Anwendung von Aluminium-Hybridschaum-Sandwichen in Batteriegehäusen von Elektrofahrzeugen
: Baumeister, Joachim; Weise, J.; Hirtz, Eva-Maria; Höhne, Klaus; Hohe, J.

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Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 45 (2014), Nr.12, S.1099-1107
ISSN: 0933-5137
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sandwich; hybrid foam; aluminium-polymer composite; electric mobility; battery; foam sandwiches; electric vehicle; hybrid; aluminium

Lightweight design is of special importance for purely electrically driven vehicles in order to improve driving range and market acceptance. In the project "SmartBatt" - funded by the EC under the 7th Framework Programme - a 20 kWh battery pack was developed which exhibits a 10-15% weight reduction as compared to the State of the Art. Besides an improved integration of the battery pack into the body-in-white a new sandwich material concept for the battery housing was used to accomplish this. Core of the innovative sandwich technology is to place polymer-coated aluminium foam granules between pre-moulded aluminium face sheets. Dedicated subsequent foaming of the polymer will result in a sandwich structure whose core layer consists of aluminium foam spheres embedded in a matrix of polymer foam. This approach allows excellent process control and the production of components with targeted local sandwich design. The mechanical properties of AlSi10-Epoxy hybrid foams were determined using quasi-static and dynamic compression tests and compared to the behaviour of epoxy-mono-foams.