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Microstructural and mechanical characterisation of ODS ferritic alloys produced by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering

: Hernandez-Mayoral, M.; Serrano, M.; Onorbe, E.; Garcia-Junceda, A.; Hilger, I.; Kloeden, B.; Weissgaerber, T.; Ulbricht, A.; Bergner, F.; Radiguet, B.; Etienne, A.; Shariq, A.; Dewhurst, C.D.


Materials science and technology 30 (2014), 13b, S.1669-1675
ISSN: 0267-0836
Fraunhofer IFAM, Institutsteil Pulvermetallurgie und Verbundwerkstoffe Dresden ()

Powders with nominal composition Fe-14Cr-2W-0·4Ti were mechanically alloyed (MA) with Y2O3 in a planetary ball mill at two different rotational speeds. Consolidation of the as milled powders was performed by spark plasma sintering (SPS). As milled powders showed a highly deformed microstructure with elongated nanometre grains and, depending upon the rotational speed, different stages of the nanocluster evolution were observed to be produced. In the case of consolidated materials, grain growth occurred during the SPS process and it was possible to observe the influence of the MA parameters, with larger and more homogeneously distributed grains at the higher rotational speed. Additionally, Ti was observed to be incorporated to the nanoclusters after SPS, indicating a further step in their evolution during consolidation. The mechanical behaviour of the SPS compacts was evaluated by tensile and small punch testing also showing the influence of the MA parameters in the material behaviour.