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Quantitative determination of the doping level distribution in n-type GaAs using absorption mapping



The European physical journal. Applied physics 27 (2004), Nr.1-3, S.357-361
ISSN: 1286-0042
Fraunhofer IISB ()

We present an optical technique based on absorption measurements for the determination of the charge carrier concentration and its lateral distribution in n-type doped GaAs wafers. Calibration plots were determined in the charge carrier concentration range of 3x10(17) m(-3)...1x10(18) cm(-3) (range of trust up to 3x10(18) cm(-3)) which is technically relevant for applications of GaAs wafers as substrate for laser and light emitting diodes. The error of the optical technique is in the range of 10%... 15% and is comparable to electrical Hall measurements. The sensitivity of the setup, i.e. smallest detectable variation of doping (and hence charge carrier) concentration, is less than 1% in an area of 5x5 mm(2) and about 20% across the 3 inch area. Absorption mappings of the charge carrier and hence doping homogeneity are presented for n-type GaAs:Si and GaAs:Te.